Not another Make-Money-Somewhere

If you’re looking at this site, having the some of the words here catching your attention, chances are… this probably isn’t your first time seeing “Earn money from home” or “Online business” etc. True?

So upfront I will be saying, I have done a little bit of everything and I found out what works best for me. This site will be focusing on financial issues as well as living the quality lifestyle that WE deserve. I could possibly recommend all of you some avenues some day, but then again we will leave it as it is… for now.

Ultimately, what you really need to get clear about, is what do you want?

What are you after?

  • Financial Freedom
  • Personal Development
  • Time Freedom
  • Just really really rich!
  • An awesome luxury car!
  • A loving relationship with someone

The list goes on. And really it doesn’t matter what you are doing right now – having a part-time job, full-time professional, unemployed or just starting out. Because I learnt something in the course of entrepreneurship (by the way, that was the second best decision I ever made) – “Until you know your WHY, your HOW doesn’t matter! ”

I spent 15 years for Education – in schools, yet 1 year in entrepreneurship proved the fastest and steepest learning curve I ever had in any identical given time frame. Change is inevitable – but for a person to change that drastically in a short period of time – it is something.

Anyway, rounding off… I won’t try to cover everything in a single post. My urge to you guys today is… discover your why. If you haven’t, do it. (If you don’t then reflect on yourself now, what’s going right, what’s not?) and… if you already have your WHY? Great for you. Remind yourself once again, what is it that you are fighting for? What keeps you going?

Peace out guys! Have fun! 😉